We are so grateful for the help of our community members to offer instruments for this gathering. Purchasing a ticket will enter you into a lottery and a chance to win a handpan from these three talented makers.

Echo Sound Sculptures

Muta Sound Sculptures


Makers attending the Gathering

If you are interested in knowing more about the art of handpan building, or if you would like to acquire one, there will be several makers attending the gathering.

Atlas Handpans

The Raffle for the Travelling Handpan – An Atlas Journey

We fell in love with the concept of the travelling handpan when it was first shared at Hangout UK.

Atlas Handpans shall be crafting an instrument that will go on a journey with one lucky ticket holder. You may keep the instrument for up to one month, and in this time, take a photo and upload a video of you playing. Then it is time for the instrument to journey again.

We hope that the Atlas travelling pan will be passed through many womens’ hands, around the world. Our hope with this project is to create a diverse community around the instrument – to illustrate the immense power of connection that the musical language has.

We will be announcing the musical scale soon; stay tuned!