Handpan & Singing workshops with Samantha Archer

One half of Archer & Tripp, Samantha Archer is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist playing piano, woodwind and percussion.

Since she began playing the handpan in late 2012, her musical vocabulary is being ever challenged and stretched to encompass her creativity through its limitations. She is never short of new ideas, new collaborations and new music.

Sam will be offering a handpan workshop at the gathering for those looking to improve their technical and listening skills. She will also be facilitating a group jam; the workshop will be open to all levels. She will also be faciliating a singing workshop, with a focus on growing the voice through connection, and harmonising with a group.


Creative Living — Empowerment through Purpose with Hannah Rajah

“Think about the three things that made you who you are. Nobody says they came from “success” and “happiness”. The things that make us come from pain and failure.”

This workshop will provide you with tools to assess your deepest desires, tap into your creativity, and how to align with your purpose. We will explore blocks within ourselves, identifying what to let go of and what we would like to invite in. We will explore exercises around self knowledge being the greatest power, and so by understanding how to empower ourselves, we can empower the world.

The workshop will close with a women sharing circle. Please bring comfortable clothes and paper and a pen.

Hannah Rajah is a storyteller, photojournalist and handpan maker. She is inspired by self knowledge and purposeful living, and uses her skills to highlight the  beauty, dignity and diversity of people. Her belief is that by empowering ourselves, we empower the world.


Daily Yoga with Martina

Martina spends her days working as a  Shiatsu-Practicer and Shakti Yoga Teacher. Her hope is to help other women find their vision and inner power through their own femininity.

Martina will be offering daily morning yoga during the gathering. Her approach is to create space – with gentle asana, a focus on breathwork, to the sound of the handpan. Her classes immerse her students into their Shakti power – creation and movement; female elemental power and strength.

Her wish for this gathering is that together we find sisterhood, create a safe space to support, learn and grow, and nourish our femininity. 


The Power of Ritual, Presence and Celebration by Johanne Staiquly

“Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing”.
– Clarissa Pinkola Estes –

The coastal landscape by the ocean is the perfect place to become more spacious by letting go, and more enriched by letting in. In a space of collective wisdom, you are here called to offer your presence, your voice and dance to the tribe of sisters and flow of life. Wear your most beautiful clothes to honour your Creative Goddess. Surrender to the sound of the drum, the melodies of the handpan, and be the song that makes you dance. Open your arms wide to who you are becoming and welcome the power of your own celebration.

Johanne Staiquly is fascinated by the power of ritual, presence and celebration. Under her artist name  Lothoniel, she explores their profound meaning and effects through her singing, music and dance. 

By creating spaces of communion for herself and others, in which creative essence can be expressed and celebrated, she manifests her passion to inspire others to connect within and open up to more awareness, wonder and gratitude. 

During her workshop on the Jurassic coast beach and for the closing ceremony of the festival, Johanne will sing for you and invite you to step into this magical space of celebration through ritual, voice and music.



Voice from Inside Out by Sylvia Kirchherr

You are invited…
To a sacred circle of inner sound, in a space where your voice can express in its very own way and unfold its unique truth and beauty,
To trust your (inner) voice and travel through sound and the landscapes of your inner garden,

To let go of what you don’t need anymore and welcome what is important for you,
To buzz, squeak, screech or sing like an angel with biggest wings.

But mostly, you are invited to be curious about yourself, open your heart and sing like you never sung before, celebrating life through your voice, carried by your sisters and my experience in holding ritual spaces.
Sylvia Kirchherr is an extraordinary singer, well-known since years in the world music scene for performing and improvising as a solo artist and in different collaborations (Estas Tonne, Freedom Cafe, Dreamtime Project, Archer & Tripp…).
As a full-time mum, she was travelling half of the world with her workshops and concerts, inspiring many women to find their own voice and stand straight with it.
She loves to encourage women to live their life with passion and creativity, in the full expression of themselves. Sylvia will open the festival with her voice and will be offering a singing workshop where she will create a space to dive deep into the unique sound of your own voice.